International Medieval Congress 2-5 July 2018

The International Medieval Congress (IMC) is organised and administered by the Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS). Since its start in 1994, the Congress has established itself as an annual event with an attendance of over 2,200 medievalists from all over the world.

Drawing medievalists from over 60 countries, with over 2,500 individual papers and 750 academic sessions, plus a wide range of performances, readings, round tables, excursions and bookfairs, the IMC is Europe’s largest annual gathering in the humanities.

Changes to Programme

IMC Slideshow

Changes to programme: Monday 11.15-12.45

Session Withdrawn

Session 103: Sin, Miracles, and Heaven in Byzantium

Withdrawn103-a Anush Sargsyan
Change/Move103-b Rebekah Sheldon (m1.15oved to session 1009)
Withdrawn103-c Eliso Elizbarashvili

Session 104: Early Medieval Burial Culture and the Reuse of Cemeteries

Withdrawn104-a Janet Kay
Replaced by104-c (Re-)Using the Anglo-Saxon Killing Place: A Comparison of the Archaeological Evidence for the 'Execution Cemetery' and the Historical Evidence for the Cwealmstow (Language: English)
Alyxandra Mattison, Independent Scholar, Halifax

Session 105:

Title change105-a Now entitled Revising Roche: The History, Art, and Architecture

Session 108: Beautiful Animals

New paper108-d Beautiful and Ugly Horses in Chretien de Troyes' Perceval: Linking Aesthetics, Functionality, and Status (Language: English)
Anastasija Ropa, Independent Scholar, Riga (moved from session 308)

Session 111: Was There an 11th Century?, I: Institutions

Title change111-a Now entitled Forging Exemption in 11th-Century France: Fleury from Abbo to Gauzlin

Session 113: Remembering Women

Withdrawn113-a Mourad El Fahli
Withdrawn113-b Nufar Rashkes
Withdrawn113-c Mati Meyer
Replaced by113-a Memory of the Dead Women: St Suzanne and the Recluses at Mouzon (Language: English)
Gili Shalom, Department of Art History, Tel Aviv University
Replaced by113-b Living Memory of the Women in Political and Economic Life: Examples from Medieval Islam (Language: English)
Mücahit Özdemir, Department of Islamic Studies, Sakarya University
Replaced by113-c Remembering Women and Islamic Finance: The Partnership of Hatice bnt Huwaylid and Prophet Muhammed (Language: English)
Feyza Cevherli, Department of Islamic Studies, Sakarya University

Session 115: DISTAFF, I: Dress, Faith, Identity, and Memorialisation

Withdrawn115-a Alejandra Concha Sahli
Replaced by115-a Egyptian Monks and Nuns: Different Garments for Different Occasions in Late Roman, Byzantine, and Early Medieval Arab Periods (Language: English)
Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert, Saxo-Instituttet, Københavns Universitet (moved from session 315)

Session 123: Reclaiming the Middle Ages for Africa, I: From Nubia to Ethiopia

Withdrawn123-d Abdulrahman Khary

Session 127: Memory in Tolkien's Medievalism, I

Withdrawn127-a Thomas Honegger

Session 128: Between Memory and Imagination, I: Medieval Religious Encounters from the Silk Road to the Indian Ocean

Withdrawn128-b Ophira Gamliel

Session 130: Mystical Memories, I: Mystics Remembered

Withdrawn130-a Joanne Maguire Robinson
Replaced by130-a Memory in Hadewijch (Language: English)
Rob Faesen, Institute for the Study of Spirituality, KU Leuven / Ruusbroecgenootschap, Universiteit Antwerpen

Session 131: Memory and Community, I

Title change131-a now entitled Memory of the Community or Memory of Its Revenues?: The Cathedral Chapter of Arezzo and the History of the Aretine Custodians

Session Withdrawn

Session 134: Transformation of Collective Memory

Withdrawn134-a Alexis Fontbonne
Withdrawn134-b Manana Javakhishvili
Withdrawn134-c Nino Pirtskhalava

Session 135: Mystical Memories, I: Mystics Remembered

Withdrawn135-b Rebecca Lyons
Replaced by135-b The World of Dunstable Priory (Language: English)
Harriett Webster, School of Archaeology, History & Anthropology, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Session Moved

Session 137: (Previously session 337) Now entitled Remembering and Forgetting the Ancient City, I: The Physical City        

Session 137: (Now session 337) Now entitled Remembering and Forgetting the Ancient City, III: Urban Myths


Session Withdrawn

Session 138: Remembering the Royal Hunt: Hunting Histories and Royal Identity

Change/Move138-a Klara Hübner (moved to session 1133)
Withdrawn138-b Amanda Richardson
Withdrawn138-c Hagar Barak

Session 140: Monarchy and Memory, I: Kingship and Memory in the British Isles

Withdrawn140-d Laura Harrison

Session 144: Pilgrim Libraries, I: History and Memory in Pilgrimage Literature

Withdrawn144-c Matthew Coneys

Session 146: The Medieval Jewish Craftsmen: Fact or Fiction?

Withdrawn146-b Jörn Roland Christophersen

Session 147: Memory, Eternity, and the Divine in Medieval Theology

Withdrawn147-c Luigi Campi

Session 149: Re-Enactment and Medieval Studies, I: Martial Arts

Withdrawn149-b Sam Just
Withdrawn149-c Wayne Reynolds

Session 150: Scientific, Empirical, Biblical, and Hagiographical Knowledge in the Middle Ages, I: Astronomy, Computus, and Medicine

Withdrawn150-c Sarah Baccianti

Changes to programme: Monday 14.15-15.45

Session Withdrawn

Session 203: Byzantine Theology in the Palaiologan Era: Palamism Before, During, and After, I

Withdrawn203-a Dmitry Makarov
Withdrawn203-b Dmitry Biriukov
Withdrawn203-c Basil Lourié

Session 210: The Influence of Jacopo da Varagine's Legenda aurea on Homiletics and Hagiography in Later Medieval Europe

Withdrawn210-c Manu Radhakrishnan

Session 214: Gender, Networks, and Community in Legal Sources, II: Words and Deeds

Change/Move214-a Chloé Tardivel (moved to session 314)

Session 216: New Approaches to Manuscripts and Libraries

Withdrawn216-c Natalie Louise James
Withdrawn216-d Keri Thomas
Replaced by216-c Fragmentology in America: Methods and Outcomes (Language: English)
Lisa Fagin Davis, Medieval Academy of America, Massachusetts

Session 222: Mnemonics in Word and Image, I

Withdrawn222-c Lidia Grzybowska
Replaced by222-c Explaining and Recalling: Students' Diagrammatic Glosses in Manuscripts of Roman Law (Language: English)
Susan L'Engle, Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Saint Louis University, Missouri

Session 230: Mystical Memories, II: Is the Memory Mystical? - Reflections on Mind and Body

Withdrawn230-c Andrés Quero-Sánchez
Replaced by230-c The 'Now' in Analogical Mysticism and Late Medieval Grammar (Language: English)
Christopher Wojtulewicz, Maryvale Institute, Birmingham

Session 236: Conflicting Memories: Navigating Conflict and Creating Consensus in the Medieval World, I - Remembering Bodies

Withdrawn236-c Lorenzo Caravaggi

Session 241: Remembering Admonitio: Episcopal Criticism of Rulers in the Middle Ages, II

Withdrawn241-a Steffen Patzold

Session 242: Fame: Patrons and Memories in Byzantium, II

Withdrawn242-a Jessica Varsallona
Replaced by242-a Remembering Constantinople in Middle English Literature (Language: English)
Ruth Caddick, Department of English Literature, University of Birmingham

Session 244: Pilgrim Libraries, II: Remembering Pilgrimage and Pilgrims

New Paper244-c Memory and Travel in Late Medieval Pilgrims' Descriptions from the Low Countries (Language: English)
Peter Stabel, Centrum voor Stadsgeschiedenis, Universiteit Antwerpen

Session 245: Memory and Migrations, I: Impact of the Memorable

Withdrawn245-c Roderick McDonald

Session 249: Re-Enactment and Medieval Studies, II: Problems and Potential

Withdrawn249-a Timothy Dawson
Withdrawn249-b Marcello Napolitano
Replaced by249-a An Unexpected Problem (Language: English)
Melissa Venables, School of English, University of Nottingham

Session 251: Integrating the Sasanians, II: Past, Present, and Future in Late Antique and Medieval Iran

Withdrawn251-a Eve MacDonald
Replaced by251-c Reflections on the Perspective of Sasanian 'Past' in Islamic Sources (Language: English)
DomizianaRossi, Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà, Università di Bologna (moved from sesión 351)

Session 253: Creative Memories: Shaping Identity in Medieval Culture, II

Withdrawn253-c Katrin Rösler
Replaced by253-c The Hermeneutics of Forgetting in the Work of Master Eckhart (Language: English)
Carlos Rafael Ruta, Centro de Estudios de Hermenéutica, Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Buenos Aires

Changes to programme: Monday 16.30-18.00

Session Moved

Session 301: (Previously session 1311) New Approaches to a Climate History of the 13th and 14th Century: Tipping Points and Extreme Events

This session will now be taking place in University House: Beechgrove Room.

Session 303: Now entitled Byzantine Theology in the Palaiologan Era: Palamism Before, During, and After

Withdrawn303-b Mikonja Knežević
Withdrawn303-c Maximos Constas
Replaced by303-b Alternative Energies: Suggestions for Improving our Understanding of the Palamite Distinction (Language: English)
Tikhon Pino, Department of Theology, Marquette University, Wisconsin

Session Withdrawn

Session 308: Disabled Animals

Withdrawn308-a László Bartosiewicz
Change/Move308-b Anastasija Ropa (moved to session 108)
Withdrawn308-c Zhexin Xu

Session 313: Gender Queering the Medieval: Trans and Non-Binary Narratives and Readings

Withdrawn313-c Sophie Sexon

Session 314: Gender, Networks, and Community in Legal Sources, III: Agency and Representation

Withdrawn314-a Francisco José Díaz Marcilla
Withdrawn314-b Sylvie Duval
Replaced by314-b Verbal Violence and Gender in Communal Italy: Bologna in the Later Middle Ages (Language: English)
Chloé Tardivel, Laboratoire ICT (Identités, Cultures, Territoires) (EA337), Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 (moved from session 214)

Session 315: DISTAFF, III: Aspects of Memory in Medieval Textiles and Garments

Change/Move315-c Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert (moved to session 115)

Session 317: Change and Continuity in 10th-Century Western Europe, II: Archaeological Record and Historic Explanation

Withdrawn317-c Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo
Replaced by317-c Archaeological Markers of Social Statuses in 10th-Century Rural Settlements of Central-Northern Portugal (Language: English)
Catarina Tente, Instituto de Estudos Medievais, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Session Withdrawn

Session 321: Memory as Ethical Refashioning in Poetry

Withdrawn321-a Kevin Poole
Change/Move321-b Jane Beal (moved to session 1625)
Withdrawn321-c Dena Arguelles

Session 324: The Chronicling of Conquest in the Norman South

New Paper324-c Contemporary Knowledge and Written History: Some Matters Regarding Alexander of Telese's 'History of King Roger' (Language: English)
Markus Krumm, Historisches Seminar, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Session 325: 'Something wicked this way comes'?: Memories of Magicians and Witches

Withdrawn325-b William Arguelles
Replaced by325-b The Use of Myths, Legends, and Oral Traditions in the Witchcraft Trials of Italy: A Case Study (Language: English)
Debora Moretti, Department of History, University of Bristol

Session Withdrawn

Session 328: Between Memory and Imagination, III: Jewish Engagements in Medieval South India

Withdrawn328-a K. J. Tintu
Withdrawn328-b Percy Arfeen
Withdrawn328-c Malavika Binny

Session 329: Donations of the Faithful, Cathedral Financing, and Memorialisation

Withdrawn329-d Wim Vroom

Session 336: Conflicting Memories: Navigating Conflict and Creating Consensus in the Medieval World, II

Title change336-a Now entitled An 8th-Century Abbess in an 11th-Century World: Inventing Memories of St Mildrith

Session Moved

Session 337: (Previously session 137) Now entitled Remembering and Forgetting the Ancient City, III: Urban Myths

Withdrawn337-b Isaac Sastre de Diego
Respondent added Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge

Session 337: (Now session 137) Now entitled Remembering and Forgetting the Ancient City, I: The Physical City        


Session 342: Fame: Patrons and Memories in Byzantium, III

Withdrawn342-c Panagiota Mantouvalou
Replaced by342-c Consigned to the Flames of Oblivion: The Fate of Fire Temples in Late Antiquity (Language: English)
Michael Burling, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman & Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham

Session 343: Crusades and Memory, III : Remembering the Crusades

Withdrawn343-c Michalis Olympios

Session 345: Memory and Migrations, II: Places of Memory

Withdrawn345-a Suzana Miljan

Session 346: Memory and Memoria: The Dead Can't Defend Themselves or, How Archives Create Portraits of Personalities

Withdrawn346-d Manuel Schwembacher

Session Withdrawn

Session 351: Integrating the Sasanians, III: Religions, Ideologies, and Modes of Diplomacy in Late Antique and Medieval Iran

Change/Move351-a Domiziana Rossi (moved to session 251)
Withdrawn351-b Nino Silagadze
Withdrawn351-c Mahna Babaee

Session Withdrawn

Session 354: New Research Perspectives on the Tripartite Codification of Stephan Dušan: A Round Table Discussion

This round table has been cancelled.

Session Moved

Session 399: (Previously session 454) #disIMC: Current Challenges to Accessibility and Ways Forward - A Round Table Discussion 

This session is now taking place in the School of Music Foyer and will be streamed live.

Changes to programme: Monday 19.00-20.00

Session 451: Special Lecture: Black Legends, Bullying Queens, and the Wonders of Moorishland - How Spain Lives Its Medieval Past Today

This special lecture has been cancelled.

Session 454: (Now session 399) #disIMC: Current Challenges to Accessibility and Ways Forward - A Round Table Discussion    

This session will now take place in the School of Music Foyer, 16.30-18.00.

Monday's events


An informal gathering for disabled students, early career researchers, academics, researchers, and their allies. Bring your lunch and meet other medievalists with disabilities or support your disabled colleagues. You do not need to be a member of the network to attend.

IMC Slideshow

Changes to programme: Tuesday 09.00-10.30

Session Moved

Session 505: Me, Myself, and I?: Constructing the Self in Art

Withdrawn505-c Liya Okroshidze
This session is now taking place in Fine Art Building: Studio Ground Floor.

Session 506: Tracing the Jerusalem Code, I: Remembering Jerusalem in Scandinavian Parish Churches

Withdrawn506-c Kaja Merete Haug Hagen

Session 507: Christian and Muslim Identity in Medieval Northern Spain

Withdrawn507-b Álvaro Castresana López
Replaced by507-b Choosing a Name for the New 'Chosen People': The Challenge of Self-Identification in the Asturian Chronicles (Language: English)
John Wreglesworth, Independent Scholar, Banbury

Session Moved

Session 508: Horses across Europe

This session is now taking place in Fine Art Building: SR G.04.

Session 509: New Directions in Medieval Confession, I: Latin Confession

Withdrawn509-b Inbar Graiver
Replaced by509-b Anthoine Vérard: Redemption and Pre-Emption (Language: English)
Charles Roe, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds

Session 510: New Perspectives on the Uses of Biblical Exegesis

Withdrawn510-a Eirini Artemi

Session 511: CEU 25, I: Urban Studies - Central Europe as an Urban Region?

Withdrawn511-b Leslie Carr-Riegel

Session 515: Re-Thinking the Aristocracy in Capetian France, I: Aristocratic Identities

Withdrawn515-a Jelle Lisson
Replaced by515-a Identifying the Aristocracy in the Middle Loire Valley, c. 1000- c. 1150 (Language: English)
Niall Ó Súilleabháin, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin

Session 523: Commemorating Saints and Martyrs, I: Transforming Identities in Hagiography

Withdrawn523-a Gitana Deneff
Replaced by523-a Short Stories of Saints: New Perspectives on the Presentation of Hagiographical Memory (Language: English)
Sarah Waidler, School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Session 527: Memories of Nation, Medieval and Modern, I: Methods and Medieval Studies

Withdrawn527-a Caspar Hirschi
Replaced by527-c Remembering the Battle of Legnano, 1176: Historiographical Traditions, Popular Perceptions, and National Identity (Language: English)
Edward Coleman, School of History, University College Dublin

Session 528: Zikaron/Memoria: Jewish Memory and Jewish Community, I

Withdrawn528-a Franziska Kleybolte
Replaced by528-b Calendar, Community, and Memory in the Sefer HaZichronot of El’azaar HaLevi (Language: English)
Shamma Boyarin, Department of English, University of Victoria, British Columbia

Session 530: Memory Depicted, I

New Paper530-d The Function of Nudity in The Temptations of Saint Anthony Triptych (Language: English)
Tim Smeets, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Session 535: Power, Memory, and Written Record in Medieval Spain, I: Creation and Recreation of Memory in Local Communities and Towns

Withdrawn535-c Miguel Calleja Puerta
Replaced by535-c Foundation, Discourse, and Memory in the Astur-Galician Towns during the Late Middle Ages (Language: English)
Álvaro Solano Fernández-Sordo, Área de Historia Medieval, Departamento de Historia, Universidad de Oviedo

Session 537: Remembering Constantinople in the 15th Century

Respondent added Florin Leonte, Department of Classics, Palacký University, Olomouc

Session 538: A Digital Key to Matthew Parker's Legacy: New Contributions through Parker on the Web 2.0

Withdrawn538-c Karl Kinsella
Replaced by538-c An Eye For An Eye: IIIF, Archetype, and Parker Too (Language: English)
Stewart J. Brookes, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

Session 539: Remembering the Past after the Carolingian Empire, I: Liturgy and Auctoritas

Withdrawn539-a Ekaterina Novokhatko
Replaced by539-a 'If the authority of a human being is so respected…': Royal Auctoritas, Rebellious Bishops, and the Politics of Belonging in 10th-Century Northern Italy (Language: English)
Jelle Wassenaar, Institut für Mittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien

Session 545: Remembering Travels, Travelling in Memories, I

Withdrawn545-c Irene Malfatto
Replaced by545-c Remembering the Journey (or Not): Authorship and Memory in 13th-Century Pilgrimage Accounts (Language: English)
Jan Vandeburie, School of History, University of Leicester

Session Moved

Session 547: (Now session 1055) Memory and Knowledge in Petrus Hispanus

This session has moved to session 1055.

Session 550: Cistercians, I: Memory, Hospitality, and Bernard of Clairvaux

Withdrawn550-d Richard Thomason

Session 552: Now entitled Based on Historical Events?: TV and Movie Medievalism

Withdrawn552-b Caitlyn Davis
Replaced by552-c 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…'?: On ‘Crawl Titles’ in Arthurian Movies (Language: English)
Raoul Marc Etienne DuBois, Deutsches Seminar, Universität Zürich

Changes to programme: Tuesday 11.15-12.45

Session Withdrawn

Session 601: Drincan drihtinbeag gest: In Search of a Lost Time of a Warrior Society

Withdrawn601-a Francesco Benozzo
Withdrawn601-b Daniela Fruscione
Withdrawn601-c Letizia Vezzosi

Session 602: Landscape Transformation and Representation

New Paper602-b The Transformation of the Roman Forum: Jewish Space through Christian Eyes (Language: English)
Marie-Thérèse Champagne, Department of History, University of West Florida

Session 603: Empire and Geography: The Borders of Byzantium

Withdrawn603-c Mihail Mitrea

Session 604: New Voices in Anglo-Saxon Studies, I

Withdrawn604-c Kyle J. Williams
Replaced by604-c Quid est vox?: Mystery and Mysticism (Language: English)
Matthew Coker, St Hilda's College, University of Oxford

Session 605: Medieval Images and the Makings of Social Identity

New Paper605-c The Cloister of St Benet de Bages and Its Ornamental Elements: Renovatio and Varietas as Functions of Memory in the Monastic Community (Language: English)
Aline Benvegnú dos Santos, Departamento de História Social, Universidade de São Paulo / École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris

Session 607: The Materiality of Inter-Faith Relations and Memories across and beyond the Mediterranean

Withdrawn607-a Isa Babur

Session 612: Female Abbatial Authority, II: Gender, Documentary Culture, and Memory

Withdrawn612-a Catherine Letouzey-Réty

Session 614: The Seven Sages of Rome in Europe: The Old French Roman des Sept Sages de Rome and Its Translations in Medieval Latin, English, German, and Dutch, II

Withdrawn614-a Emma Osborne
Replaced by614-a Chwedleu Seith Doethon Rufein: The Middle Welsh Redaction of Les Sept Sages de Rome (Language: English)
Carys Gadsden, Independent Scholar, Chesham

Session 615: Re-Thinking the Aristocracy in Capetian France, II: Aristocracy and Monarchy

Withdrawn615-c Guy Perry
Replaced by615-c Servir les rois de France: Le duc Robert II de Bourgogne et le gouvernement de Philippe III le Hardi et de Philippe IV le Bel (Language: Français)
David Bardey, Département d'Histoire, Université de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Session 616: Legal Texts and Their Users, II: Past and Present in Medieval Canonistic Procedure

Withdrawn616-c David D’Avray

Session 629: Saving Memories?: Salvation and Remembrance

Withdrawn629-c Sebastian Kleinschmidt
Replaced by629-c Memory in the Balance: Between Despair and Hope of Salvation (Language: English)
Celia Mill, Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Studies (MEMS), University of Kent

Session 642: Construction and Deconstruction of Memory in Byzantium

Withdrawn642-c Lutz Rickelt
Replaced by642-c Some Thoughts on Several Byzantine Codices in which Galen Appears as Member of the Roman gens Claudia (Language: English)
Stefan Alexandru, Institut für Geschichte der Pharmazie, Philipps-Universität Marburg / The British School at Athens

Session 643: The Memory of the Crusades, II: National Memories, Crusading Projections

Withdrawn643-a Ahmed Mohamed A. Sheir
Withdrawn643-b Sophia Menache
Replaced by643-b Crusade and the New Nationalism in France, 2002-2018 (Language: English)
Charlotte Gauthier, Department of History, Royal Holloway, University of London
Replaced by643-c Islamic State and the Appropriation of the Crusades (Language: English)
Jason T. Roche, Department of History, Politics & Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University (moved from session 1748)

Session 644: Cultural Memory in Late Antiquity, II: The Memory of Persecution

Withdrawn644-c Fabrizio Petorella
Replaced by644-c Mobilisation or Maintenance?: Remembering Persecution in Late Antique Southern Gaul - The Cases of Sidonius Apollinaris and Avitus of Vienne (Language: English)
Becca Grose, Department of Classics, University of Reading

Session 646: Traces of Memory in the Western Mediterranean, II: Monastic Memory

Withdrawn646-c Mercedes Pérez Vidal

Session 648: Jousts and Pas d'Armes, II: Literary and Visual Sources

Withdrawn648-c Jason Sturgeon
Replaced by648-c Interpreting Mounted Combat: Problems of Iconography in a Comparative Study of Tournament Books and Fight Books (Language: English)
Iason-Eleftherios Tzouriadis, Worshipful Company of Gold & Silver Wyre Drawers / Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds

Session 649: Disaster Memory in the Middle Ages, II

Withdrawn649-a Abigail Agresta
Replaced by649-b The Memory of Social Disaster in the Works of a 12th-Century Ibadî Scholar Abu Yaqub Yusuf B. Ibrahim Al-Warjalanî (Language: English)
Feyza Doğruyol, Faculty of Theology, Sakarya University

Session 651: Scientific Thought: Medieval and Modern

Withdrawn651-b Antonio Raschi

Changes to programme: Tuesday 14.15-15.45

Session 701: Eadmer of Canterbury, I: Eadmer's Memory, Manuscripts, and Evidence

Withdrawn701-a Paul Hayward

Session 704: New Voices in Anglo-Saxon Studies, II

Withdrawn704-b James Chetwood

Session 705: Games and Visual Culture, I

New Paper705-c Graffiti as Gaming: Viking Play in Ancient Spaces (Language: English)
Julie Mell, Department of History, North Carolina State University

Session 706: Memory in Runes and Community

Withdrawn706-a Sophie Bønding

Session 708: La Mémoire des Images: Beasts and Animals Changing through Contexts in the Middle Ages

Withdrawn708-a Nadia Mariana Consiglieri

Session 709: The Fall of Angels in Orthodox and Heterodox Biblical Exegesis

Withdrawn709-a Daniela Müller
Replaced by709-a When Angels Fell: Rebellion and the Nature of God in Augustine and Peter Lombard (Language: English)
Chris Tiegreen, Department of History, Georgia State University

Session 724: Writing and Performing Memory

Withdrawn724-a Klementyna Aura Glińska
Withdrawn724-c Louise E. McInnes
Replaced by724-a The King of the Frogs: Memory Spaces and Their Practical Backgrounds (Language: English)
Sabine Seelbach, Institut für Germanistik, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

Session 729: Clerics, Parishioners, and Their Books in Late Medieval England

Withdrawn729-a Gary Brannan
Replaced by729-a John Lydgate on the Virtues of the Mass: Translation, Memory, and Change (Language: English)
Maria Volkonskaya, Faculty of Humanities, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow (moved from session 220)

Session 731: Material Culture and Landscapes, III: Remembering Past Deeds

Withdrawn731-a Tom J. T. Williams
Change/Move731-c Anneli Randla (moved to session 831)
Replaced by731-c Whom Should We Remember?: The Case of the Teutonic Order's Church and Castle in Pöide, Livonia (Language: English)
Anneli Randla, Department of Conservation, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn
New Paper731-c 'Under a heaped barrow the chieftains of the land': Inscribing Memory of Bohemia's Mythical Dukes into Landscape (Language: English)
Matouš Turek, Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences, Praha / Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Karlova, Praha / Centre d'études des langues et littératures anciennes et modernes (CELLAM), Université Rennes 2

Session 735: Power, Memory, and Written Record in Medieval Spain, III: The Construction and Transmission of Royal Memory in Castile

Withdrawn735-b Carmen Benítez Herrero
Replaced by735-b Feminine Power in León in the 12th Century (Language: English)
Luísa Tollendal Prudente, Departamento de Historia Antigua y Medieval, Universidad de Valladolid

Session 736: Time in Medieval Europe, I: The English Perspective

Withdrawn736-c Jennifer Farrell

Session 742: Designing the Past

Title change742-b Now entitled The Construction of Memory in the Historia Calamitatum (This paper will now be delivered in English.)
Withdrawn742-c Sherif Abdelkarim

Session 743: The Memory of the Crusades, III: Historiographical Echoes

Withdrawn743-c Mabrouka Kamel
Replaced by743-c How to Cope with Violence in the Historiography of the Crusades: A Critical Reassessment of the Label 'Holy War' (Language: English)
Tim Weitzel, Institut für Geschichte, University of Regensburg

Session 745: (Mis)Remembering First Encounter, I: The 'New World'

Withdrawn745-a Harriet Smart

Session 747: Memorising and Remembering in the Middle Ages: Philosophical Approaches

Withdrawn747-b Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist
Replaced by747-b Memory in the Arabo-Latin Medical Tradition (Language: English)
Joël Chandelier, Département d'Histoire, Université Paris 8 - Vincennes-Saint-Denis
New paper747-c Memorising and Remembering in the Middle Ages: Philosophical Approaches (Language: English)
Véronique Decaix, UFR de Philosophie, Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne

Session 748: Historical European Martial Arts Studies: Practices, Contexts, and Narratives

Withdrawn748-b Eric Burkart
Replaced by748-b 'To teche or to play or ellys for to fyзte'?: The Purposes of the Fight-Book in London, British Library, Harley MS 3542 (Language: English)
Jacob H. Deacon, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds

Session 749: Tolkien: Medieval Roots and Modern Branches, I

Withdrawn749-c Hilary Justice

Session 750: Cistercians, III: Cistercians in England and Wales

Withdrawn        750-a Elizabeth Freeman

Session 752: Grand Narratives and Big Picture Medievalism

Withdrawn752-a Brianna Bosgraaf

Changes to programme: Tuesday 16.30-18.00

Session 801: Now entitled Eadmer of Canterbury, II: Eadmer beyond Anselm - The Vita Anselmi and the Immaculate Conception

Withdrawn801-a Tomas Ekenberg
Replaced by801-a A Giant Standing on a Dwarf's Shoulders: The Copenhagen Manuscript of Eadmer's Vita Anselmi (Language: English)
Michael H. Gelting, Rigsarkivet (Danish National Archives), Statens Arkiver, København / Centre for Scandinavian Studies, University of Aberdeen

Session 807: Law, Finance, and the Written Record in the Western Mediterranean

Withdrawn807-c Adrian Elias Negro Cortés

Session 808: Horses in Courtly Literature

Withdrawn808-b Anna-Lena Lange

Session 810: 25 Years of Hagiographical Research: Past Achievements and Future Perspectives, III

Withdrawn810-b Gordon Blennemann

Session Withdrawn

Session 816: Legal Texts and Their Users, IV: Law as Social Practice

Withdrawn816-a Cornelia Scherer
Withdrawn816-b Silke Schwandt
Withdrawn816-c Ulla Kypta

Session 818: Transformations of Power: Sessions in Honour of Paul Fouracre, I - From the Merovingians to the Carolingians

Withdrawn818-a Alice Rio

Session 820: Memory in Malory and Related Romances

Withdrawn820-a Hanneli Seppänen

Session 821: Remembering Romance

Withdrawn821-a María Florencia Saracino

Session 824: Memory in Performance

Withdrawn824-c Flavia Cornelia Teoc

Session 828: Remembering and Misremembering the Islamic World, II

Withdrawn828-a Hylke Hettema
Replaced by828-a Remembering an Andalusi Dynasty: The Banu Hud's Memory from the Maghreb to the Mashreq (Language: English)
Aurora González Artigao, Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas del Mediterráneo y Oriente Próximo, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Madrid

Session 830: Visual Memory in the Late Antique and Byzantine World

Withdrawn        830-b Foteini Spingou
Replaced by830-a Martyrdom and Memory: The Construction of the Visual Description in the Homilies of Basil of Caesarea and Gregory of Nyssa (Language: English)
Mattia Cosimo Chiriatti, Departamento de Historia y Filosofía, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares

Session 831: Material Culture and Landscapes, IV: Memory and Houses of Worship

Withdrawn831-a Toni Griffiths
Replaced by831-c Whom Should We Remember?: The Case of the Teutonic Order's Church and Castle in Pöide, Livonia (Language: English)
Anneli Randla, Department of Cultural Heritage & Conservation, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn (moved from session 731)

Session 834: Graphic and Textual Communities: Between Memory and Identity, II

Withdrawn834-c Nicolas Michel
Replaced by834-c Roll and Codex: Institutional Identity under Edward I, 1272–1307 (Language: English)
Stefan Holz, Sonderforschungsbereich 933 'Materiale Textkulturen', Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Session 836: Time in Medieval Europe, II: The Continental Perspective - Remembering the Future, 11th and 12th Centuries

Withdrawn836-c Jörg Bölling

Session 838: Relationships between Peasants and Lords

Withdrawn838-b Thijs Lambrecht

Session 844: Cultural Memory in Late Antiquity, IV: Building Late Antique Communities through Memory

Withdrawn844-a Heather Hunter-Crawley
Replaced by844-a Memories of Migration?: So-Called 'Anglo-Saxon' Burial Costume of the 5th Century (Language: English)
James Michael Harland, Fachbereich Geschichtswissenschaft, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen

Session 845: (Mis)Remembering First Encounter, II: West Africa

Withdrawn845-b Holly Atkinson
IMC Slideshow

Changes to programme: Wednesday 09.00-10.30

Session 1009: Now entitled Heresy, Sin, and Forgotten Women

Withdrawn1009-b Salah Hadi Mustafa Al-Haideri
Replaced by1009-b Shaping a Christian Society: The Uses of Tariffs and Epitimies in Insular, Continental, and Byzantine Penitentials (Language: English)
Rebekah Sheldon, Department of History, Saint Louis University, Missouri (moved from session 103)

Session 1010: The Afterlife of Antique Pagan and Christian Religion in Asia Minor and Beyond during the Byzantine Period

Withdrawn1010-c Mary Grace DuPree

Session Withdrawn

Session 1011: The Centre and the Periphery: Aspects of Correlation and Co-Dependency of Religious, Political, and Cultural Matters, I

Withdrawn1011-a Annette Landes-Nagar
Change/Move1011-b Daniel Varga (moved to session 517)
Withdrawn1011-c Tali Erickson

Session 1012: Music and Liturgy in the Early Middle Ages

Withdrawn1012-c Geert Maessen

Session 1013: Women and Surveillance in Medievalist Television and Cinema

Withdrawn1013-c Kate Lister

Session 1015: Materiality and Religious Practice in Medieval Denmark

Withdrawn1015-a Laura Katrine Skinnebach

Session 1016: 14th-Century England, I: Late Medieval Military Service - Theory and Practice

Withdrawn1016-b Malcolm Mercer
Replaced by1016-b Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V: Finding Troy in France (Language: English)
Sylvia A. Federico, Department of English, Bates College, Lewiston

Session 1020: Remembering Troy in the Middle Ages, I: Origin Stories and Identity Formation

Withdrawn1020-a Thomas J. MacMaster
Replaced by1020-c Explaining Troy in the Ovide moralisé and in the Ovidius moralizatus (Language: English)
Marek Thue Kretschmer, Institutt for historiske studier, Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Trondheim (moved from session 1120)

Session 1025: Memory, Images, and Magic in 15th-Century Art and Humanistic Thought

Withdrawn1025-a Mauricio Oviedo Salazar
Replaced by1025-a Thinking and Remembering in Sacred Images (Language: English)
Roger Ferrer Ventosa, Departament d'Història i Història de l'Art, Universitat de Girona

Session 1028: Remembering the Other in Islamic History

Withdrawn1028-c Mehdi Berriah
Replaced by1028-c Remembering Zaganos Pasha from Byzantine Sources: Was the Ottoman Devshirme System for Embracing the 'Other' or Not? (Language: English)
Kübra Cevherli, Faculty of Theology, Sakarya University

Session 1032: Monuments and Memory: New Research at English Heritage

Title change1032-c Now entitled Revising Roche: The History, Art, and Architecture

Session 1033: Inventing Heroes, Reversing Legends, Constructing Facts: The Dynamics of Identity Shaping, I - Medieval Aspects

Withdrawn1033-b Josef Šrámek
Replaced by1033-b The Forgotten Patrons: The Cult of the Holy Five Brothers in the Czech Lands in the Period between the Middle Ages and the Present (Language: English)
Libor Zajíc, Department of History, Masaryk University Brno

Session 1036: Voices of Law, I: Memory, Law, and Precedent

Withdrawn1036-a Mark Hagger
Replaced by1036-a Charters as Legal Memory in 12th-Century England (Language: English)
Hannah Boston, Trinity College, University of Oxford

Session 1037: Investing in Memory: Civic Endowments, Material Culture, and Urban Communities, I

Withdrawn1037-a Elisabeth Gruber
Replaced by1037-a Remembering Papal Rome: Aspects of the Popes' Representation in Exile in Avignon, 1309–1377 (Language: English)
Tanja Hinterholz, Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Mittelalter und Frühneuzeit (IZMF), Universität Salzburg (moved from session 1137)

Session 1040: Memories of Royal Power

Withdrawn1040-a Maher Hasan
Withdrawn1040-c Marta Miller
Replaced by1040-b Reflections in the Reign: Representations of Past Kings in John Lydgate's Performative Works (Language: English)
Alexandra Claridge, Department of English, University of Liverpool

Session 1042: Texts and the Transmission of Scientific and Biblical Knowledge

Title change1042-a Now entitled Producing the Bestiary: From Text to Image

Session 1046: Remembering Chivalry, I: Spectacle and Display

Withdrawn1046-a Elizabeth Goldring
Replaced by1046-a 'A wonderful spectacle for everyone watching': The Spectacle and Memory of 15th-Century Jousts (Language: English)
Samuel Bradley, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds

Session 1049: 'Sing and cry, "Valhalla, I am coming!"': Nationalism and Internationalism in Viking Metal Music

New Paper1049-c Performing the Viking Age and the Nation: The Case of 'Skuggsjá' by Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) and Einar Selvik (Wardruna) (Language: English)
Lea Grosen Jørgensen, Afdeling for Litteraturhistorie og Retorik, Aarhus Universitet

Session Moved

Session 1055: (Previously session 547) Memory and Knowledge in Petrus Hispanus

This session will now be taking place in Baines Wing: Room 1.15.

Changes to programme: Wednesday 11.15-12.45

Session 1101:

Withdrawn1101-a Annette Landes-Nagar
Change/Move1101-b Daniel Varga (moved to session 517)
Withdrawn1101-c Tali Erickson

Session 1102: Through a Mirror Darkly: Late Medieval English Dream Visions

New Paper1102-c With Dreams Like These: Reading Pearl as Nightmare (Language: English)
Matthew McCall, School of English, University of Liverpool

Session 1105: The German Hanse: Well-Remembered, Little Understood

Withdrawn1105-b Ulrich Müller

Session 1110: Rethinking Agency, I: Reading Women

Withdrawn1110-d Natasha Amendola

Session 1115: Pewter, Parchment, and Pixels: New Perspectives on Pilgrim and Secular Badges

Withdrawn1115-a Ann Marie Rasmussen
Replaced by1115-a Mapping Badges in London and Paris: Iconographic Communities in Late Medieval Europe (Language: English)
Gabriel Byng, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge

Session 1120: Remembering Troy in the Middle Ages, II: Socio-Political Considerations

Change/Move1120-b Marek Thue Kretschmer (moved to session 1020)

Session 1123: Remembering the Saints, II: Forgotten and Ephemeral Saints

Withdrawn1123-b Marijana Vuković

Session 1126: Norman Women Rulers, II: Countesses to Queens in Southern Italian Memory

Withdrawn1126-a Valeria Di Clemente

Session 1133: Inventing Heroes, Reversing Legends, Constructing Facts: The Dynamics of Identity Shaping, II - The Mirror of Historiography

Title changed1133-a Now entitled Fragile Memory of 'Natural' Communities (Klara Hübner, Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences & Archive Studies, Masarykova univerzita, Brno added as co-author)

Session 1137: Investing in Memory: Civic Endowments, Material Culture, and Urban Communities, II

Change/Move1137-b Tanja Hinterholz (moved to session 1037)

Session 1143: Now entitled Pilgrim Knights: Remembering Independent Crusading

Withdrawn1143-a Natasha Ruth Hodgson
Withdrawn1143-b Matthew Mesley
Title change1143-c Now entitled Remembering Armed Pilgrimage between the 'Numbered' Crusades (now 1143-b)
Replaced by1143-a Marriage, Memory, and Crusading in Medieval French Romance (Language: English)
Victoria Turner, School of Modern Languages - French, University of St Andrews
Respondent added Stephen Powell, Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University, New York

Session 1146: Remembering Chivalry, II: Battlefield Conduct

Withdrawn1146-b Pierre Courroux

Session 1150: Canonize Yourself!, II: How to Become a Canon in a Medieval Central European Chapter

Withdrawn1150-b Stanislaw Jujeczka

Changes to programme: Wednesday 14.15-15.45

Session 1201: LEME, I: The Making of Space in the Early Medieval West

Withdrawn1201-c Igor Filippov

Session 1202: Books and Texts: Presentation and Readership

Change/Move1202-c Now entitled Playing with Pestilence: The Black Death in The Witcher

Session 1205: Legitimacy through Wealth and Displays of Wealth in Medieval Europe

Withdrawn1205-c Rui Miguel Rocha

Session 1208: Early English Life Cycles: Corpora and Corpses

Withdrawn1208-a Daria Izdebska
Replaced by1208-a The Deaths of Two Saintly Youths: Alfred the Ætheling and King Edward the Martyr (Language: English)
Inna Matyushina, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow

Session 1212: Music, History, and Representation in the 13th and 14th Centuries

Withdrawn1212-b Menelaos-Dimitris Kountouras
Withdrawn1212-d Juliana Chapman

Session 1213: New Perspectives on Women in Medieval Romance, I: Rediscovering Forgotten Women

Withdrawn1213-b Stephanie Novasio (moved to session 1513)

Session 1214: Royal Marriages, III: Political Strategy and Diplomacy through Royal Marriages

Change/Move1214-c Vitor Pinto

Session 1216: 14th-Century England, III: Plantagenet Power at Home and Abroad

Withdrawn1216-c Douglas Biggs
Replaced by1216-c Movement between the Plantagenet Households of 14th-Century England: Knightly Service to Edward III and His Family (Language: English)
Matthew Hefferan, Department of History, University of Nottingham

Session 1224: Now entitled Remembering Our Prayers in Medieval Devotional Literature

Withdrawn1224-a Kathryn Vulic
Replaced by1224-a A Memorial with Devoted Tears: The Case of Memoriale (Language: English)
Simonetta Doglione, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Session 1231: Memory, Settlement, and Landscape, II: Buildings and Memory

Withdrawn1231-a Laura Patrick
Replaced by1231-a Building Memories within Ad Gefrin (Language: English)
Howard Williams, Department of History & Archaeology, University of Chester

Session 1233: Remembering Communities in Early Medieval Europe, I: Memory and Authority

Withdrawn1233-b Ricky Broome

Session 1234: Forging Family Identities

Withdrawn1234-a Finn Tobin
Withdrawn1234-b Dawn Klos
Replaced by1234-a Families of Physicians in Later Medieval Wales (Language: English)
Katherine Leach, Department of Celtic Languages & Literatures, Harvard University

Session 1238: Edible Memory

Withdrawn1238-b Dominik Maislinger
Replaced by1238-b Feasts and Representation: Memory of Exclusivity in Middle High German Literature (Language: English)
Katharina Zeppezauer-Wachauer, Mittelhochdeutsche Begriffsdatenbank (MHDBDB), Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Mittelalter und Frühneuzeit (IZMF), Universität Salzburg

Session 1241: Monastic Memories and Narratives: Remembering, Recording, Re-Interpreting

Withdrawn1241-c Kristian Bertović

Session 1242: Means and Methods of Remembrance

Withdrawn1242-b Kamila Oleś
Replaced by1242-c Precious Gifts Carry Precious Memories: Jewellery as a Means To Remember and To Be Remembered in 15th-Century Italy (Language: English)
Serena Franzon, Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali, Università degli Studi di Padova

Session 1244: Now entitled Memory and 6th-Century Gaul, I: Remembering Saints and Heretics

Withdrawn1244-a Pia Bockius
Replaced by1244-c Gregory of Tours and 7th-Century Merovingian Historiography on Arianism (Language: English)
Anna Gehler, Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut, Freie Universität Berlin

Session 1249: Public Medievalism and The Public Medievalist

Withdrawn1249-b Richard J. Utz

Session 1254: The Social Significance of Memoria: Commemoration of the Dead in Urban and Noble Environments

Withdrawn1254-a Thomas Schilp

Changes to programme: Wednesday 16.30-18.00

Session 1302: Writers and Their Audiences in the Middle Ages

Title change1302-c Now entitled The Handwriting of Diplomacy

Session 1305: Moving Goods and People in Medieval England and France

Title change1305-b Now entitled Immigration and Belonging: The Inclusion of Aliens within Late Medieval English Communities

Session 1308: Mammaries and Memory: Breasts in Medieval Culture and Society

Withdrawn1308-b Bronach Kane

Session Moved

Session 1311: (Now session 301) New Approaches to a Climate History of the 13th and 14th Century: Tipping Points and Extreme Events

This session has moved to session 301.

Session 1313: New Perspectives on Women in Medieval Romance, II: Memory and Lineage

Withdrawn1313-a Lauren E. Wood
Withdrawn1313-b Grace Catherine Greiner
Replaced by1313-a Remembering Mothers in Romance (Language: English)
Kirsty A. S. Bolton, Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Culture / Department of English, University of Southampton

Session 1320: Remembering Troy in the Middle Ages, IV: Cultural Memory beyond Borders

Withdrawn1320-b Peter Látka

Session 1331: Memory, Settlement, and Landscape, III: People, Places, and Memory

New Paper1331-c Vikings in Galicia: Popular Memory, Festivities, and Traces of the Resistance (Language: English)
Miguel Gomes, School of Culture, University of Sunderland

Session 1332: Sharing Spaces: Uses and Functions of Medieval Buildings and Monuments

Withdrawn1332-b Martin Huggon

Session 1336: Voices of Law, IV: Memory, Language, and the (Re)Discovery of Law

Title change1336-c now entitled The Latin Law-Code of King Ine

Session 1338: Architecture and the Memory of Otherness on the Iberian Peninsula

Withdrawn1338-c Luís Duarte Ferro
Title change1338-d Now entitled Remembering Sepharad Places, Jewish Traditions, and Contemporary Christian Music on the Model of the Organ of Valeria Church (1435) in _The Triptych of the Crucifixion_ attributed to Lluis Alincbrot (1450) (now 1338-c

Session 1343: Now entitled Crusading Historiography, I

Withdrawn1343-b Jamie Griffin
Replaced by1343-c Crusaders as Personalities in the Arabic Sources (Language: English)
Betty Binysh, School of History, Archaeology & Religion, Cardiff University

Session 1346: Remembering Chivalry, IV: Forgetting Chivalric Selves and Sites

Withdrawn1346-a Erwann Hollevoet

Session Withdrawn

Session 1352: The Mead of Memory and the Memory of Mead

Withdrawn1352-a Stephen Pollington
Withdrawn1352-b Stephen C. Law

Wednesday's events


You are warmly invited you to join us for wine and nibbles at our customary pre-Dance gathering.

Wednesday's events


Building on discussions from previous IMCs and in the wake of the #MeToo movement, this session is an informal discussion where participants are invited to share their experiences and contribute to what we as academics can do to prevent sexual harassment in the academy. Although institutional policies exist, the vast amount of cases that have come to light in recent months demonstrate that further work is needed to protect staff and students from harassment. It is hoped that this session will be an open-ended discussion, allowing the safe sharing of initiatives and experiences, as well as positing solutions that staff can take back to their own institutions to implement. Live tweeting of the session will be in place to ensure all who wish to participate can do so.

Please note this is an informal discussion and a safe space for all participants: it is not intended to be a formal roundtable but an expression of ideas for the future. All academic staff, independent scholars and students welcome.

This discussion will be led by Gabrielle Storey (University of Winchester).

Wednesday's events


This year, Brepols Publishers and the Institute of Medieval Studies in Leeds are celebrating 50 years since the launch of the International Medieval Bibliography (IMB). To commemorate this event, a quiz was launched for all participants of the Leeds IMC 2018 with a chance to win a trip to Bruges, Belgium or one of many book vouchers. On Wednesday, 4 July at 13.00, the winners will be announced at the official prize ceremony hosted at the Brepols Booth at the IMC Book Fair.

Make sure to come by, because not only the winners can take something home. . .

IMC Slideshow

Changes to programme: Thursday 09.00-10.30

Session 1502: Horses in the Orient

Withdrawn1502-b Agnès Carayon
Replaced by1502-b Was The Horse Collar Invented in China? (Language: English)
Gail Brownrigg, Independent Scholar, Dorking

Session 1503: Byzantine Studies in China, I: Studies in Byzantine Law in China

Withdrawn1503-c Ji-rong Li
Respondent added Stefanos Kordosis, School of Humanities, Hellenic Open University, Greece

Session 1505: Margins and the Marginalised in Medieval Manuscripts

Withdrawn1505-b Margo Stroumsa-Uzan
Replaced by1505-b The Marginal Space as an Intimate Diary: Murchadh Ó Cuindlis's Marginalia in the Yellow Book of Lecan and Leabhar Breac (Language: English)
Ksenia Kudenko, Irish & Celtic Research Institute, Ulster University

Session 1510: Memories of Christian Texts in Medieval Hagiography and Theology

Withdrawn1510-b Radomír Bužek
Replaced by1510-b The Language of Relics in Medieval Ireland (Language: English)
Niamh Wycherley, National University of Ireland, Galway

NEW Session                                                                University House: Little Woodhouse Room

Session 1512: Crusading Historiography, II: The View from the Outside

1512-a The Third Crusade and the Defense of Seljuks against the Crusaders from the Viewpoint of Muslims (Language: English)
Zehra Odabaşi, Department of History, Selçuk Üniversitesi
1512-b Calabrian Crusaders, Loathsome Lombards, and Sicilian Saracens: Malaterra and Ethnicity in the Kingdom of Sicily (Language: English)
Austin Howard, Institute for Historical, Literary & Cultural Studies, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
1512-c The Emergence of the 'Multitude' in the 14th Century as a Mechanism of Violence and Enforcement: The Case of the 'Crusade of the Shepherds', 1320-1321 (Language: English)
Athanasios Panos, Faculty of History & Archaeology, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Session 1513: New Perspectives on Women in Medieval Romance, III: (Dis)Abling Bodies

Withdrawn1513-c Stephanie Grace-Petinos
Change/Move1513-d Rachel Fennell (moved to session 1613)
Replaced by1513-c Gender, Age, Status, and Ethnicity: Methods of Marginalisation in Byzantine Romance (Language: English)
Stephanie Novasio, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman & Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham (moved from session 1213)

Session 1514: Rebellion and Reconciliation in Angevin Family Politics, c. 1103-1152

Withdrawn1514-b Basit Hammad Qureshi

Session 1520: Now entitled Remembering (and Forgetting) in Chaucerian Verse

Withdrawn1520-c Joanna Monika Bukowska

Session 1523: Memory and the Construction of Mendicant Sanctity

Withdrawn1523-b Lisa Vitale

Session 1524: Carolingian Civilization 25 Years Later: In Honor of Paul Edward Dutton, I

Withdrawn1524-c Martha Rampton

Session 1530: Interpretations and Permanence in Medieval Art History Research

Withdrawn1530-a Ryszard Mączyński

Session 1535: Record, Memory, and the Making of History, I: Religion on the Record

Withdrawn1535-a Sara Mederos
Replaced by1535-c Linguistic Analysis of Medieval Latin Sermons: How Language Mixing in Sermons Can Act as a Record for Language Use (Language: English)
Stephanie Kaefer, Department of English & Linguistics, University of Otago

Session 1538: The Contexts of Funeral Monuments

Withdrawn1538-a Marcello Mignozzi

Session 1539: Memory in 11th-Century Historiography

Withdrawn1539-b Vasilina Sidorova

Session 1541: Hermits, Monks, Friars: New Studies on Medieval Monasticism in Central Europe

Withdrawn1541-c Paweł Cholewicki

Session 1544: Memories of Martyrdom in Late Antiquity

Withdrawn1544-b Marijana Vuković
Withdrawn1544-c André Carneiro
Replaced by1544-b St Juliana: Two Memories in Conflict (Language: English)
Chris Vinsonhaler, Department of English, Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York

Session 1547: Conflicted or Complementary Memories?: Visions from the Inside - Different Pasts of Medieval Multiethnic Societies

New Paper1547-d Borrowing Memory: 'Old Russian Annals' in Annales seu cronicae incliti Regni Poloniae (Annals or Chronicles of the Famous Kingdom of Poland) of Jan Długosz (Language: English)
Andrzej Pleszczyński, Instytut Historii, Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Lublin

Changes to programme: Thursday 11.15-12.45

Session 1603: Byzantine Studies in China, II: On the Sea Route of the Silk Road

Withdrawn1603-a Lin Ying
Replaced by1603-b The Tibetan Title Dru gu Gesar (Caesar of the Turks) in the Northern Branch of the Silk Route and the Role of the Khazars (Language: English) (moved from session 1703)
Stefanos Kordosis, School of Humanities, Hellenic Open University, Greece
New paper1603-c Reconsideration on the Embassies between Byzantium and Western Turks (Language: English) (moved from session 1703)
Li Qiang, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilisations, Northeast Normal University, China

Session 1605: Visual Memory: Art as a Reminder of the Past

New Paper1605-d Sacrifice, Fate, and the Tradition of the Miles Christianus in Rubens (Language: English)
Maximilian Geiger, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Universität Bern

Session 1609: The Premonstratensians and Scripture

Withdrawn1609-b Peter Damian Grint
Replaced by1609-b The Stained Glass Biblia Pauperum Windows of Steinfeld Abbey: Canonical Spirituality, Salvation History, and the Theological Imagination (Language: English)
William P. Hyland, School of Divinity, University of St Andrews

Session 1613: Now entitled New Perspectives on Women in Medieval Romance, IV: Desire and Queer Identities

Withdrawn1613-b Anna Lisa Somma
Replaced by1613-b Desire and the Corpse in Medieval Romance (Language: English)
Rachel Fennell, Institute of Medieval & Early Modern Studies, Durham University (moved from session 1513)

Session 1616: The Medieval Law Courts, II: Law in the Localities

Withdrawn1616-c Tom Johnson

Session 1618: Visions of Community, III: Tales of Two Cities - Urban Identities and Biographical Collections in the High Middle Ages

Withdrawn1618-c John Eldevik

Session 1622: 'I cannot live without books': Personal Libraries and Manuscripts

Withdrawn1622-c Umut Var
Replaced by1622-c Antonio Manetti's Library: The Making of a Memory of Communal Florence (Language: English)
Patricia Meneses, Department of History, Campinas State University (UNICAMP-Brazil)

Session 1625: Memory of Trauma and Disease

Withdrawn1625-b Matea Laginja
Replaced by1625-b Powerlessness: Redeeming the Memory of Trauma in Patience (Language: English)
Jane Beal, English Department, University of La Verne, California (moved from session 321)

Session 1634: Memory, Identity, and Emotions in Medieval Welsh Monasteries

Withdrawn1634-c Karen Stöber
Replaced by1634-c How to Be a Good Nun: Llanllugan and Representations of Religious Women in Medieval Mid-Wales (Language: English)
Amy Reynolds, School of History & Archaeology, University of Bangor

Session 1636: Fiat iustitia: The Practice of Law inside and outside the Courts

Title change1636-a Now entitled Youthful Offenders in the Courts of 13th- and 14th-Century Ireland

Session 1641: Damnatio memoriae: What We Choose to Forget

Withdrawn1641-b Ivan Marić

Session 1642: Memories of War: Understanding Medieval Military History

Withdrawn1642-c Lawrence Duggan

Session 1646: Typologies of Conflict in High Medieval Europe, II

Withdrawn1646-b Hans Jacob Orning

Session 1651: Land and Sea in Italy

Withdrawn1651-b Anna Pomierny-Wąsińska

Session 1654: Music and Memory in Monastic Contexts

Withdrawn1654-a Joan Maria Martí Mendoza (moved to session 822)
Replaced by1654-a Commemorative Liturgy and Community Membership: Towards a New Understanding of 12th-Century Monastic Confraternities (Language: English)
Johan Belaen, Vakgroep Geschiedenis, Universiteit Gent

Changes to programme: Thursday 14.15-15.45

Session 1702: The Siculo-Norman Legacy: Archaeology, Art, and Architecture

Withdrawn1702-b Charlene Vella
Withdrawn1702-c Nicole Mölk
Replaced by1702-b Normans in Sicily, Normans in England: Two Transitions Archaeologically Expressed (Language: English)
Martin O. H. Carver, Department of Archaeology, University of York, and Alessandra Molinari, Dipartimento di Storia, Patrimonio culturale, Formazione e Società, Università degli Studi di Roma 'Tor Vergata'

Session Withdrawn

Session 1703: Byzantine Studies in China, III: On the Land Route of the Silk Road

Withdrawn1703-a Yun-yan Guo
Change/Move1703-b Stefanos Kordosis (moved to session 1603)
Change/Move1703-c Li Qiang (moved to session 1603)

Session 1707: Contra Iudaeos, Contra Christianos

Withdrawn1707-a Carson Bay
Replaced by1707-a Sisters and Wives, Converts and Cleaners: Polemical Representations of Medieval Anglo-Jewish Women (Language: English)
Adrienne Williams Boyarin, Department of English, University of Victoria, British Columbia

Session 1710: Royal Saints in Post-Reformation Historiography

Withdrawn1710-c Gergely Tóth

Session 1711: Identity in the Medieval Adriatic Region

Withdrawn1711-a Marija Mihajlovic Shipley

Session 1719: Medieval Power and Letters, III: Danish Kingship and English Royal Women

Withdrawn1719-c Lynsey Wood

Session 1720: Justice, Rights, and Trade in Northern Europe

Withdrawn1720-a Alexis Becker

Session 1722: New Perspectives on the Study of Icelandic Sagas and Manuscripts

Withdrawn1722-a Astrid Maria Katharina Marner
Replaced by1722-b Filling the Gaps: Textual Addition and Variation in Þorskfirðonga Saga (Language: English)
Philip Cardew, Leeds Beckett University / Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds
New paper1722-c A Case for Lasting Old Norwegian Influence in Northern Iceland (Language: English)
Patrick Aaron Farrugia, Institutt for lingvistiske, litterære og estetiske studier, Universitetet i Bergen

Session 1723: Remembering Saints in Text and Image

Withdrawn1723-a Julia Tomlinson Czesnik

Session 1735: Partnerships of Power in the High Middle Ages

Withdrawn1735-c Sebastian Roebert
Replaced by1735-c A Secular and Sacred Partnership of Power: The Shared Space and 'Unshared' Time of the Grain Market and Confraternity of Orsanmichele (Language: English)
Marie D’Aguanno Ito, Department of History, American University, Washington, DC

Session 1736: Law and Memory in Western France, 1000-1300

Withdrawn1736-a Tracey L. Billado

Session 1741: Memory and Methodology: Anchoritic Legacies and Historical Reconstruction

Withdrawn1741-d Samira Lindstedt

Session 1744: Memories of the Roman Past in 5th- and 6th-Century North Africa

Withdrawn1744-c Philipp von Rummel

Session 1748: Engaging the Crusades, III: Weaponizing the Crusades

Change/Move1748-b Jason T. Roche (moved to session 643)
Withdrawn1748-c Tiago Queimada e Silva
Replaced by1748-b How Do We Engage the Crusades?: Reflections on Teaching, Studying, and Writing the Crusades in 2018 (Language: English)
Susanna A. Throop, Department of History, Ursinus College, Pennsylvania

Session 1750: Reconstructing and Conserving the Medieval Past

Withdrawn1750-c Marco Viganò

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- March 22, 2019, 2:00 pm

Tanya Bentham's intricate embroidery will be on display at the #imc2019 Craft Fair! Stop by her stall to admire her…
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- March 21, 2019, 6:04 pm

.@ChurchMonuments is a society for everyone who is fascinated by tomb carvings, from medieval effigies to modern gr…
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- March 21, 2019, 5:12 pm

We are delighted that @alisonatkin will be attending the #imc2019 Craft Fair with her marginalia paraphernalia: qui…
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- March 21, 2019, 3:31 pm

RT @AfterEmpireUNUP: Upcoming @AfterEmpireUNUP sessions at @KzooICMS and @IMC_Leeds - more info on speakers and sessions here:
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- March 21, 2019, 3:14 pm

RT @ShammaBoyarin: Attention #JewishStudiesTwitter: for people making travel plans for @IMC_Leeds, know that there are three sessions on th…
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